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Strategy Alchemy

Every organisation needs more magic moments when planning for their future.

Scientists, kings, magicians and charlatans throughout the ages have been obsessed with alchemy – the blending of base elements with a magic ingredient to create something of greater value. 

It turns out that the creation of powerful strategy depends on some magic too. Designing the future requires as much imagination as information, and the most powerful strategies are created by groups of people whose diverse viewpoints are blended to create something more valuable – shared, new commitments.


Those magic moments are sometimes called “aha moments” - when a group of people have surfaced new ideas, explored options and ultimately reached a collective agreement on what matters most.

Finding a shared purpose,

agreeing on what matters most,

is the power behind the most effective strategies.

In her keynotes, workshops and facilitated meetings, Rosie unlocks the keys to creating powerful strategy – including creative collaboration, clarity about what is most important, and reaching genuine consensus about the pathway to success.

Surface great ideas, debate key issues and reach powerful agreements.

Increase the reach and depth of your dialogue with stakeholders on policy design.


Give upcoming leaders the tools and confidence to make strategic decisions and lead important conversations.

Inspire your audience to make more powerful strategic decisions.







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