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Ready to be bold?

Have you ever heard anyone say that their last strategy planning day was their best day ever? Of course you haven’t.


We all know strategy is important, but it’s not easy to come up with fresh ideas, let alone bring them to life. Uncertainty about the future, the pressure of competition, risk aversion, and those boring planning meetings we’re forced to sit through sap our confidence and enthusiasm and produce timid templates for maintaining status quo.

Leading strategist Rosie Yeo offers a refreshing approach to designing and committing to powerful strategy. A practical and inspiring guide for leaders, aspiring leaders and anyone who needs a future pan, this book shows how to harness a team’s innate creativity to bring to life bold, long-term strategy.


Achieve the best possible future for your organisation with this winning approach to designing simple and powerful strategy.

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Go for Bold:
How to create powerful strategy
in uncertain times

Praise for Go For Bold

Find out more with a FREE DOWNLOAD of the opening chapter. 


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About the author

Rosie is the go-to strategist for boards, executive teams and business leaders because of her skill in helping people collectively imagine and achieve a better future.


Rosie's experience as a public affairs strategist, Board director and corporate adviser provides unique insights into how organisations design and implement their big plans. She has worked with corporate, government and non-profit organisations in healthcare, financial services, infrastructure, tourism, FMCG and media.


Drawing on her decades of experience and comprehensive knowledge of strategic theory, Rosie offers a fresh, engaging take on future planning that cuts through the jargon to provide practical advice and inspiration.

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